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Life Members

Emily J. Anderson

James Anderson Company

Jennifer Durot and Family

Alayne L. Bartlett

Wolf Berthold

Ray and Deborah Boller

Nancy Fohr Bonner

Dr. Bonnie Brooks

Terry Bruner Family

Arlene Mattson Chope & John A. Chope

Irene Druce-Hoffman

Robert Frank

Merle Gross

Mike Hanson

Don Holem

Rev. Father John A. Jamnicky

John and Mary Joestgen & Family

Patrick Lamb

Laurens Leffingwell & Family

Kevin and Marie Lyons

Al Maiden

Scott Martin

Judy Martini

Michal and Ilse McClure & Family

Mary K. Messick

Mill Creek Hunt Club

Barbara Boch Miller

Rick and Lisa Moser & Family

Barbara and Robert Mudd

State Rep. JoAnn D. Osmund

Shirley MacDonald Paddock

Dawn J. Revenaugh

Ms. Anita Schadeck & Mr. James


Joan S. Schroeder

Howard and Martha Simpson & Family

Tempel (Tim) Smith & Family

June M. Strang

Karen and Jay Ukena & Family

Jerry and Luan Watkins

Norma Welch

Ruth B. White

Elizabeth Winston

Mr. & Mrs. Yamin Yamin & Family

Edward G. & Ruth A. Young