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This is our legal stuff page.

Canons of Conduct

Historic Millburn Community Association,

Not for Profit Status

Our website is primarily for educational and informational purposes. We do not intend to profit from it. We can include small statements about our sources of income (donations, bequests, and memberships) but only to mention them in passing. Direct appeals for funds are to be avoided.

Educational Purpose

We encourage personal and private use of the information as a learning tool, but don’t wish anyone else to profit from our work. Commercial use of information on our website should be discouraged with an appropriate statement. The HMCA, Inc. may consider licensing any portion of the material for commercial purposes.


We should not post any known copyrighted material without seeking a release. There will be cases where a release cannot be obtained, either because the information in our files is uncredited or the author is deceased. Small excerpts can be used with proper attribution just as an author of a paper might make a citation with a footnote ("fair use", since we consider ourselves an educational and non-profit entity).

Where HMCA, Inc., holds the original of a work, not previously published or copyrighted, and the author is deceased, we will assume to be the holder of the copyright since we are publishing it for the first time. This would apply to material which we have transcribed from private papers and scrapbooks. We presume that the author desired this transfer of ownership at the time they donated it to our collection. The original author of the material should always be listed with the material, such as "from the scrapbooks of".

All photographs posted on our website should receive attribution. This is not possible for a large number of loose photographs that are in the museum’s files, which should receive the attribution "from the collection of the Historic Millburn Community Association, Inc.". Where attribution is known, a simple "by Paul Yuska for Historic Nomination" should suffice. A photographer may reserve his rights to photographs, in which case the attribution should contain his copyright, such as "Copyright Paul Yuska, 1976.

Material in dispute should be removed from the website until the dispute is settled.


There is a point where detailing historical events begins to invade an individual's privacy. Our website should not invade a person’s privacy. For historical purposes, we should generally avoid personal details of events that took place more recently than fifty years ago.

Exceptions should be noted to cover any situation where we have an individual’s permission. Any newspaper article, obituary, or other matter of public record is exempt and can be detailed on the website. Any program or operation of the HMCA, Inc. or action of board members is likewise exempt from this restriction.

When considering the posting of material more recent than fifty years, it is possible to replace a person’s name with a series of underscores to hold the place of the deletion.

Maintenance Responsibility

The information on our website should be kept up to date and improved over time. An effort should be made to incorporate corrections on a timely basis. Where information is found to be inaccurate, it should be corrected.

In the event of a invasion of privacy or copyright complaint, the information should be pulled from the web pending the outcome of a review.

General copyright guidelines:
Contact the Historic Millburn Community Association, Inc. to discuss any point.