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Historic Millburn Community Association, Inc.
Annual Picnic - Haisma Barn, September 7, 1996
Update presented By Dorothy Fettinger

This Association started as an offshoot of the Millburn Church 1976 Bicentennial Committee. We were a loosely organized group with Pastor Don McPeek, Alice Anderson, Ruth White, Mildred Haisma, Beatrice Anderson and myself. Our purpose was to preserve, protect and enhance the Village of Millburn. We met with various groups including the Land Mark Preservation Council from Chicago and the III. Dep't Of Conservation. The Dep't of Conservation (now Preservation) handles applications for the National Register of Historic Places. The Committee decided that the one of the best ways to protect Millburn was to place homes as a District on this register with one of the reasons being that additional lanes on a Federally funded Highway could not be installed through a National Register District. Should Highway 45 need in the future to have lane increases it would be difficult.

The group believed that it was necessary to have an organization of members to help guide and direct the group. July 19, 1977 Town Meeting was called together with guests:

Committee was enlarged to include Milt Anderson, Tom Erlenborn, Bill Paulsen and Anita Thompson.

February 22, 1979 after several Village meetings and the help of Ellis Fuqua, and Douglas Stiles, our Attorneys, we formed and were chartered as the Historic Millburn Community Assn, Inc. with 8 Elected Selectmen to form a Board. The original Selectmen were William Paulsen, Milton Anderson, Mildred Haisma, Alice Anderson, Ruth White, Robert Brooks, Tom Erlenborn and Dorothy Fettinger. The officers elected at the first monthly meeting of the Selectmen were, Dorothy Fettinger, Chairman, Milton Anderson, Vice Chairman, Robert Brooks, Treasurer and Ruth White, Clerk.

October 8, 1979 notice was received that on September 18, 1979, a District of 18 structures in Millburn were placed on the National Register of Historical Landmarks. Plaques for the structures showing date of construction were made by Robert Brooks and Thomas Campbell

December 6, 1979 The Association was Chartered as a non-for-profit organization.

September 1981 the "Jake" Strang (Beatrice Anderson House #1 on National Register) was placed on the Illinois Register.

1985 a member, Richard Martin, died and left the "Martin's Gen'L Store" to the Assn. with the informal request that the Assn. organize and operate a 1900's General Store Museum

October 22, 1988 A Grand Opening was held at the "Martin's Gen'L Store" Museum. The non-for-profit Museum/Store continues to operate with all volunteers. Gift items and consignment items are accepted for the Museum and "For Sale". A paper trail on every item accepted is maintained and thus far we have processed over 4800 items.

1991 the Selectmen and Village people decided that Highway 45 needed to be moved out of town and that a by-pass around Millburn should be constructed. To date, a By-Pass to the west of the Village, with a center line recorded and one parcel of right-of-way land condemned, has been done by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Thanks to many individuals and elected officials, with a special thanks to Sen. Geo-Karis.

In 1992 Stop and Go lights were installed in Millburn.

In November of 1992, after many meetings with the Villages of Old Mill Creek, Lindenhurst and the County, most of the Millburn land owners petitioned to annex to the Village of Old Mill Creek and they were accepted.

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